1. A one stop shop for your next Musical creation – Catching the instrumental beats available for sale

    Life is a catapult of beats, heartbeats. In a similar way, music is a fusion of a thousand odd beats; music R&B instrumental beats that fervor the creation of some original mix or track unveiling the artist in you, in her, and everybody who loves to create something. Creating your own track or mix can be a tricky job, considering there are music producers for that job who compose original musi…Read More

  2. Find The Latest Drake Type Beats for Your Urban Jazz Music

    There are a lot of names that show how smooth jazz has taken over the world of music lovers by storm. Jazz dates more than this one. Smooth jazz is the perfect blend of funk, pop, rock and roll, rhythm, blues and mainly jazz. The latest derivative of this type of music that is becoming extremely popular among the youth these days is Urban Jazz. Origin of  Jazz Music  Music The latest development…Read More

  3. Get the Beat Right for Your Music

    Part of the art of being a great rapper is having the ability to get the right instrumental beats for your music style. There are a multitude of beats available in the online music markets, so deciding which would be best suited for your music can be rather overwhelming at times. How do you know what will work or fizzle out? Experienced rappers in the business who write their own lyrics have come …Read More

  4. How Does Our Product Work?

    Have you always thought about producing your own beats in order to provide your ears with music you love? What about producing beats for your friends and family? We’re sure you’ve thought about it, but you just aren’t sure where to start; that’s where Full Range Beats steps in. When you decide to make your own music, you’ll need a place to get started. At Full Range Beats, you can purcha…Read More

  5. Today’s Most Popular R&B Artists

    R&B music is intended to reach to an individual's soul. R&B stands for rhythm and blues, and was originated back inthe 1940s by urban African Americans during a time where jazz, rocking and urbane music was becoming much more popular. R&B music has changed drastically with time, and as years pass it keeps changing. It is now a style of a more upbeat electric blues and soul music. Becau…Read More

  6. What About R&B?

    Have you always loved music? Have you been wanting to make your own R&B beats? If your answer is “yes,” you’re in for a wonderful treat. Online at Full Range Beats, you’ll be excited to learn that we offer customers leasing and exclusive rights to any R&B beat they love. Whether you’re searching for the perfect beat to build from, or you want to create a masterpiece with a few di…Read More

  7. Top Tips for Writing Your Rap Lyrics

    If you’re hunting for some hip hop beat instrumentals to throw behind your new song, you’ve come to the right place. We have every beat you can dream of to make the perfect mix of music and lyrics. Speaking of lyrics, how are yours? Check out these tips to make sure you have the best rhymes possible: Check Your Rhyme Not every line needs to rhyme. Seriously, dude. Don’t try to find a word th…Read More